What is Flavor Compounding?

doctor child compounded lollipop medicationQuite simply, flavor compounding is making sure that your and your family’s medication is completely personalized to you.  Along with the ability to account for any allergies you may have and the form that works best for you (capsules over creams, for example), we can also taylor-make your medication to include your favorite flavors.  This is true for your children and your pets, too!

Flavor compounding is especially helpful for infants and children as medicine is a particular chore for them.  How much better when their medication is flavored in a way that makes them more willing to take it and has fewer side effects.

Most of the flavors we use are sugar-free and some are even dye-free, which Is great news for patients young and old alike who are sensitive or allergic to dyes.  Our Tetricaine lollipops are especially popular with children and moms and dads alike thank us for making the process smoother for everyone.

Flavor helps for veterinary compounding, too!

Can we compound for animals?  You bet we can!  Just about anything your pets need, we can make, and best of all, we can make it in their favorite flavor.   Dogs love the taste of beef, cheese, chicken and liver, while cats go for the taste of fish flavored medicine.  Yes, fish flavored medicine.  We can and do do it, all the time.

Birds, rodents, reptiles and horses all have their preferences, too, just ask us! 

How can I learn more about flavor compounding?

Custom compounding meets many needs, not the least of which is a preference for flavor.  Being sick is tough.  Taking medicine shouldn’t make it tougher than it is – that’s why we’re here to help.  Ask us or your doctor about compounding to help make your experience the best it can be.

Our pharmacy manager, Charles, is here to help answer your questions at 288-4341 or call us toll-free at 855-899-7258.  We're open M - F   9 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturdays 10 - 2.  We hope to see you soon!