Personalized Pain Medication Specially Formulated to Fit Your Needs

help for chronic pain with pain creams in Boise and Meridian from Portico PharmacyChronic pain.  If you’ve ever experienced it, you know how debilitating it can be.  We've all had to live with pain at one point in our lives or another, but for those who have to deal with pain on a regular, long-term basis, we understand how frustrating and sometimes life-changing that experience can be.

The good news is that relief is available! 

Whether you’re suffering from an old or new injury, recurring headaches or migraines, fibromyalgia or other muscle or nerve pain, compounded medication can help take the place of other pain medication that may leave you feeling drowsy, dizzy or with stomach upset.

Compounded medication, medicine made especially for you by our compounding pharmacists, can literally help ease your pain.

Why Compounded Medication Over Brand Name or Generic Pain Creams and Pills?

Because compounded medication for pain is normally topical, meaning you apply it directly to the area where you’re experiencing pain, the medication absorbs directly into the nerves and muscles, bypassing your stomach and creating what our patients are calling a miracle drug for their pain. 

Arthritis, TMJ, diabetic neuropathy, just about anything affiliated with muscle or nerve pain can have a medication compounded especially for you to help ease that pain and give you back your life again.

compounded pain medication in Boise and Meridian Idaho at Portico PharmacyOther advantages of compounded pain medication include:

  • Adjusting the dosage to fit your weight and metabolism.

    Because we make each cream, lozenge or gel specifically for you, we can increase or decrease the amount of a certain drug to make your medication do exactly what you and your doctor want it to do. 

  • Changing the type of medication to best suit your preferences and pain.

    Would you rather take a lozenge than apply cream?  We can do that? Want to apply the cream directly to the area where you hurt?We can do that, too!  

    With compounding, it's all about making your treatment as simple and effective as possible.

  • The ability to combine multiple medications you may need into one form.

    Tired of taking multiple drugs trying to find relief?  With compounding, we can combine several forms of medication into one saving you the hassle and the time of dealing with multiple drugs.  Again, simplification goes a long way toward creating a truly healing experience.

How can I start getting compounded pain medication to work for me?

Working with your physician, our compounding pharmacists can specially design and make medication to meet your specific needs.  Call us or your doctor today to discuss options and see if Portico Pharmacy’s compounded pain creams can make a difference in your life the way they have in the lives of others.

Give us a call at (208) 288-4341 or come visit us to learn more!