Hormone Replacement Therapy in the Boise Area by Portico Pharmacy

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So what are hormones?

The short answer is that hormones are chemicals released by one or more cells that call for action in some part of the body.  Hormones are responsible for changes to our internal organs and external appearance as we grow.  They manage metabolism, our reproductive systems and our emotions.

When we are teenagers, we have an overwhelming abundance of them and as we age, our hormone levels drop, usually beginning in our 30s, especially those associated with reproduction such as estrogen and testosterone, and they continue dropping into our 70s, 80s and beyond.

Just as there are acceptable levels for blood pressure and heart rate, there are also target hormone levels for both men and women.  Too much of any one hormone or a combination of several results in certain outcomes, aggression and hair growth in terms of an overabundance of testosterone; and too much estrogen has been blamed by some for weight gain and depression.  Conversely, not enough testosterone can lead to lethargy and an overall sense of weakness, not to mention a lack of sexual desire; and not enough estrogen can mean fatigue, forgetfulness and depression or irritability among other complaints.

It’s no wonder physicians are actively exploring this relatively new area of medicine looking for ways to keep hormone levels balanced at each life stage for a maximum life experience.

Because there are so many variables when it comes to hormone therapy, the first step is to contact your doctor to see about blood tests that will let him or her know exactly where your hormone levels are.  Once those are determined, a plan can be made to help bring any hormones back to acceptable levels and help relieve the symptoms caused from hormonal imbalance.

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